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  • Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

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    Ken Kaneki and Tokyo Ghoul © of Sui Ishida.

  • I can’t stress enough how true the above statement is (well, at least for me and other people who’ve embraced the change). I’ve only traveled to a few places yet the experience has already sparked in a light in me and opened up new ways for me to live my life. Travel has opened my mind to the fact that there is just so much more one can do and what society dictates is merely a limitation set by those who fear change. They mask their fear as comfort and are always playing it safe. Why? Because they fear the opinion of others and they fear failure. Couple that with regret and you get your average joe who spent 45 years of his life in an office desk dreaming of vacation after retirement. It’s not wrong to make long term life goals but if you spend your whole life planning then what’s the point? You’re supposed to enjoy the journey and not the destination.

    The moment you decide to live freely is the moment you break from the shackles of society.

  • Some of my friends have been wondering why I have time to do the things that I do. When I has suffering from stress-related health problems, I was devoting my time and energy to so many things that I was no longer moving forward. Everything was a mess. I was always thinking about money, work, and future plans. It was ironic because I was spending my free time to work so I could get more money for my future plans yet I was spending more money on clinic visits and medicine because of the health problems caused by work stress. After confirming with my doctor that it was indeed stress that was messing up my body, I decided to stop and view myself from another perspective. I asked myself if I was still happy with what I was doing. Do I really need a car? Do I really need a big house? Do I really need to stay in a posh hotel? Do I really need an expensive phone? Do I really need a new laptop? The answer was ‘no’. I badly wanted to change. My current life wasn’t going anywhere anymore so I consulted with good ‘ol Google and came across the concept of minimalism and simplifying one’s life. The lessons that I learned enabled me to focus my time and energy to do the things that I love. My life has definitely changed for the better ever since then. 

  • You might have noticed the lack of posts in my blog for some time now. I haven’t left Tumblr or anything. I still go online to read, like, or reblog (click the link to see my reblog/inspiration blog) posts on my dash. I’ve also been going around backreading blogs related to travel, mountain/rock/boulder climbing, slacklining, quotes, motivation, zen, yoga, and meditation just to name a few. This blog is also a personal blog as much as it is an art and literature blog so I’ve decided to post some personal posts that might hopefully help or inspire some of you.

  • I held your hand and followed you
    thinking of forevers in my mind
    but somewhere along the way I realized
    the hand you were holding was no longer mine.

  • I got hungry for challenge… I wonder how much I can push myself.

    I got hungry for challenge… I wonder how much I can push myself.