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  • "Together, always." That was our promise to each other when we were kids. I used to think back then that the word "together" only means being with each other but as we grew, I realized that it, for me, has gotten a deeper meaning. We are still together since we go to the same high school and we still hang out with each other but I can feel you slowly moving away from me. When I am with you, I could feel emptiness in your laughter and in your words.

    I guess it all started when you met that guy from the basketball team. What was his name again? Oh! I remember. It’s Eric. The same Eric who, along with his equally douche friends, discreetly bullies me at school. You are my best friend but I never told you about it because I know you liked him.

    You get giddy every time you see Eric at school and it sucks because I get to see how excited you are when you see him. Seriously, is it not that obvious that I like you? Maybe not. I never really told you how much I love you because I was afraid. I was afraid that you would reject me and that we would cease to be best friends. Losing our friendship and losing you would make my world crumble. The funny thing about us is that we both love someone who will never love us back. Me who secretly loves my best friend and you who secretly loves the most popular douchebag guy in school. The only difference is that you have me to confide in your feelings while I have only myself.

    It was during the desperately-get-your-date period before prom that you finally mustered up the courage to confess your feelings for Eric. You then came to me crying with tears of joy because he told you that he likes you too and that he asked you to be his date for prom. He was just too shy to approach you.

    I was happy for you. Really, I was. It hurts because I love you but I know that I shouldn’t hold you back. It would be selfish of me if I did. Love shouldn’t be a reason to prevent someone else from being happy.

    We lived together in a world of fantasy but you escaped into reality. Now it’s only me who’s trapped in a daydream.

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