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  • If I were given the chance, I would take you out on a date. I would take you to a bookshop and let you roam in the garden of words. The sight of you feeling and smelling the pages of the books would be enough for me to enjoy the moment. I would answer your snicker with a smile that says “go on and indulge yourself”. When you are finally full and content, I would get you that book you hold so close to your chest.

    After the bookshop, I would take you to an art museum and let you bask in the creative juices oozing from every work of art. The sight of your back while you look at a beautiful painting would be enough to make me fall in love to you a thousand times.

    We would then go to the thrift stores and get lost at the maze of clothes, shoes, books, and toys. I would let you tinker with the cute little toys while I follow you on the other side of the shelf waiting for the slightest hint of a smile on your face whenever you see something that would tickle your fancy.

    When our stomachs start grumbling, we would go foodcart hopping. We would try everything they have to offer then we would eat and laugh while we sit at a corner.

    The setting sun would mark the end of our date and I would accompany you to your home happy and safe. This time I would hold you close and lock you in my arms while I utter sweet words as a gift before we part.

    So, would you give me a chance?

    Inspired by a post by 365thpage.

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